Acer Laptop Can't Start

by Jane

It switches on & the date & time appear. I click on any button & they disappear. Normally the password box comes up, but now it doesn't. All I have is the screen saver.
Any ideas please?

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Acer Laptop Can't Start
by: Remus

Do you have Windows 10 on your laptop.

windows 10
by: Remus

Yes I do, but I can't get into the laptop to do anything at all.

I spoke to someone yesterday & am taking my laptop to him to see if he can retrieve my data.
after that I'll try & find someone to repair it & reinstall it.


Acer Laptop Can't Start
by: Remus

Okay, this is what you can do if you have Windows 10 installation disk:

Turn the laptop on an immediately start pressing F12 key.
Choose CD drive in the menu.
Press any key to start from CD.
Select language and click Next.
Click Repair your computer on the left lower corner.
Click troubleshoot.
Click Start up repair. It will do some work and try to repair Windows 10 installation.
If this do not work go to the same place and there will be an option System Restore. Use it to restore Windows 10 to a point from the past when it was working properly.

The Windows 10 CD you can get off eBay.

Have you installed any programs lately and do you have antivirus.This can be the cause of this strange behavior.

Acer Laptop Can't Start
by: Jane

Thanks. I got W10 as a free download, but I've noted I can get CD on eBay, so thanks for that.

No, I haven't installed any progs lately & I have Kaspersky anti-virus.

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