Acer netbook N15V2 charging port

by goofy trix
(Lakewood ca)

Acer netbook N15V2

Charging port was removed for whatever reason. Now I'm left with 5 wires. How the hell can I make this work? I have chargers of various sizes switching ones but how do I connect the wires?

I don't care if I damage the machine if I learn something. Teach me.

5 wires-

1 white
2 black
2 red

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Acer netbook N15V2 charging port
by: Remus


Okay, here we go. The two red wires are the "+" wires and the two black wires are the "-".

The red wire needs to be connected to the inside of the power adapter plug and the black wires go to the outside of the metal cylinder (on the same power adapter plug).

I am not sure what the white wire is. Let's just leave it for now not connected to anywhere. It can be a wire to a LED lamp.

More info about this with images is here.

by: Anonymous

Get a replacement port for your model on eBay.
It will have the dc port you plug your charger into on one end, and a 5 pin connector that connects to the mainboard right near where the charger port is located - just behind the HDMI port.

If you really want the pinout, starting from the pin on the mainboard furthest from the HDMI port - first two are red (positive) next 2 are black (ground) and the fifth is the battery sense/LED, whatever pin.

I know its late but it still may help someone.

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