Acer Z1-621 Motherboard - Can it work again?

by CM

Hello, I bought a motherboard used to replace a non-working one of the pc. Unfortunately after mounting the motherboard the PC did not show signs of life. I checked the power supply immediately after connecting it to the motherboard and it did not return any voltage. After disconnecting and reconnecting the 220V (before connecting it to the motherboard) I checked the power supply again and the 19V's came out. After reconnecting to the motherboard nothing happened. So I thought about some possible short circuits on the motherboard. I checked a mosfet near the DC jack and it seems to be short-circuiting. Could I solve the problem by changing it, or will there be something else shorted? Can someone help me to identify the problem? Thank you. This is the motherboard : Model: UI2L Motherboard: DAUILMB60C0 REV: C

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Acer Z1-621 Motherboard - Can it work again?
by: Remus

When you connect the charger the 19V should appear next to the DC jack where I have marked.

Because it's a new motherboard I suspect it's under warranty, so to replace a MOSFET on it is not that good idea. If a MOSFET fails the still is some life on the motherboard but the screen remains black.

I suggest to tinker more around with a multimeter. Does the power button work, does the 19V hold or just appears and disappears. Sometimes a power supply appears working but because it has a bad capacitors or some other fault it can't keep 19V.

You can take one by one memory modules. The memory to be faulty is very rare but may be it has a short circuit somewhere.

Usually when you connect the power supply a small light comes on. I am not sure that this mobo does the same but it's worth checking.

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