Asus (x70s) Laptop Data Recovery

Recover data from Asus laptop

If this laptop does not power on after press of the Power button we need to make sure that it gets the Power from power adapter. Good if you have a multimeter. Then just measure voltage on the plug. It should say 19V.

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If you do not have a multimeter then try to borrow or get another power adapter. This laptop does not show any light when working power adapter is connected. A small LED light is on only when it is charging the battery.

If all attempts to power it on are not successful then we need to take the hard drive out and connect it to a SATA to USB adapter. There will be some work with a screw driver involved so you need to get one from somewhere.

Turn the laptop up side down. There is a hard drive cover that has two screws.

Unscrew those screws and slide the cover to the side. There will be a  hard drive caddy that needs to be slides to the side. Pull the hard drive caddy out.

It is OK to live that hard drive into the caddy but I usually take it out as in the caddy hard drive temperature is higher.

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You will need a SATA to USB adapter here. The cheap ones are for less than a tenner. And the branded ones can go to 30 USD. Both of them are good for a data recovery at home.
How to connect it is shown in images below.

Important tip. There are adapters for laptop hard drives that do not have a power adapter and hence they are cheaper. Make sure you get an adapter with a power supply because sometimes a hard drive can't power on from USB power. There are also higher quality power adapters. Seems that adapters with lines on the plastic casing are better than the ones with dots on the casing.

If the laptop still turns on and boots but do not go to Windows then we need here a bootable CD  to boot the laptop to an operating system.
Best choice here is Ubuntu CD. It is available free to download from the Internet.

When you ready to boot the laptop from this disk push the Power button and immediately hit the F10 or F12 key a few times. A menu will appear with boot options.

Choose option that says CD/DVD and Follow This Guide To Access Your Data.


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