How To Build A Cheap Gaming Computer From A Refurbished PC

Here, I will show you a way to build a powerful gaming “station” from a regular office PC. You can find these kinds of PCs on eBay for a very reasonable price, which allows you to keep your budget very low. Our goal here is to try not to go over $100 USD for our budget.
For every gaming setup, we need a desktop PC and a better gaming card, compared to the one that is supplied with the desktop’s motherboard.

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You might ask why integrated video cards that are built-in to a desktop computer would not work. Well, this is because integrated cards are somewhat a compromise between cost and feature set. Those cards will not have some features like Open GL, and some games or programs will not even work.
We are going to use eBay as our source for a cheap base computer, which we will upgrade later on.

In this case, we will use an HP DC5800 Business Microtower and an Asus EN210 (DirectX 10) video card.

This is the desktop computer.

It has very easy access to the internal components. To open the case, we only need to remove one screw.

This is the graphics card.

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What we need to do now is to open the case and install the card.

Again, this time it is very easy, as it just has a latch that keeps the card in the slot.

The card will go into the black slot, which is called the PCI Express x16.

Pushing the card into the slot is the hardest part of this upgrade process. What we need to do first is align it with the slot, and then carefully push it in.

As you can see from the pictures above, there is a small latch that will keep the card in the slot. If the card does not go in easy (this happens most of the time), we need to bend it up a little.

For better performance and also as a requirement for some games, we will be upgrading the RAM or memory. These two long plastic bars that are in the upper side of the case are the memory.

That is basically it! I would also recommend replacing the CPU processor paste, because most likely, it is dried up. Also, use compressed air to blow all through the insides of the case, especially the CPU or processor heatsink.

Games that will run on this machine:

Call of Duty Black Ops

Bioshock. Works on lower resolutions. 1280X720 is playable.

Games that will not run on this machine:

Call of Duty Ghosts. Needs DirectX11.


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