The Best Graphics Cards For Crypto Currency Mining

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The crypto currency mining is fast becoming a good way of earning money online and for this you must have a special type of computer system that is having more numbers of Graphic Processing units (GPU).

These units are used for processing hashes which ultimately lead to earn your crypto currency. Though it is found that bit coin mining has become unremunerative, in the present days still Ethereum mining is profitable and when done right this type of crypto currency mining can give you more than $1000 per month as profit.

Due to this there is a large interest among the currency miners to find the right mining hardware so that they can be successful in earning money through the litecoin mining process. The heart of any mining hardware is the GPU and you must have the right combination of the computer components to do the mining in a successful manner. This calls for knowing more about the Graphic cards available in the market.

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While doing the Bitcoin mining or Litecoin mining use the right Graphic Processing Unit and the most famous among the Graphic Cards that are found to be too good for crypto currency mining is the ones from AMD and the Radeon series from this computer processor brand is the market leader in the mining market.

The Graphic units that are used for Ethreum mining and mining of other virtual coins are compared on the following criteria namely:

  • graphic memory space 
  • clock speed of the processor
  • face detection score
  • effective memory clock speed
  • memory bandwidth
  • floating-point performance
  • texture rate
  • turbo clock speed
  • high memory clock speed
  • more shading units
  • texture mapping units 
  • Pass Mark direct compute score

The Graphic Cards used in the Crypto currency mining are compared with each other to find out which is more suitable to be used in your rig for mining virtual currency.

 Radeon 570 has scored 8.3 out of 10 while the Radeon 580 has scored 8.5 out of 10. The Radeon 580 comes with 1.3 GHZ speed processor and an 8 GB GDDR3 memory. The Radeon 570 comes with a 1.2 GHZ clock speed and 4 GB GDDR3 memory.

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The Radeon RX 480 is yet another Graphics Card that is used by those who are interested in Ethereum mining, and this is one of the most used mining hardware as it is offering 4th generation GCN architecture capable of 36 compute units and functions with 2304 stream processors.

This runs at a clock speed of 1266 MHz and gives a peak performance of up to 5.8 TFlops. As it is gives Memory bandwidth of 224GB per second it is able to achieve high hash processing that is very vital for crypto currency mining.

Yet another good Graphic processor that can be used in your bitcoin mining rig is the Radeon RX 470 and this comes from AMD. This Graphic processor also belongs to the 4th generation GCN architecture family. With 2048 stream processors it can run at a base clock speed of 1206MHz and can process up to 4.9TFlops. This has a memory clock speed of 1650 MHz and offer bandwidth of 211 GB per second.

Many seasoned crypto currency mining experts prefer NVidia GTX 1070, NVidia GTX 1060 due to their specific adaptation to the mining rigs. The 1060 has a memory of 6144 MB whereas you have 8192 MB in 1070. The memory speed of 1060 is 2002 MHZ and operates with a memory bus of 192 Bit.

Both the Graphic cards have a memory type of GDDR5 with memory bandwidth of 192.2 GB/ sec while the 256.2 GB/sec is the memory bandwidth of 1070 card. The 1070 card bests the 1060 with its higher memory performance and hence it is good for your crypto currency mining purposes.


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