Cheap Computer Repairs Guide

If you can do it yourself, then that would be much cheaper. For example, new hard drives usually cost £35 in the UK and $40 in the USA. A hard drive replacement service and OS reinstallation would cost an additional £35 in the UK.

In big companies with national coverage such as PC World in the UK, this will cost you even more, especially if data backup is involved.

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Working with individuals or small companies will always offer a better value for the money, but the quality of service is not always adequate according to the price paid.

The reputation of a specific small computer repair shop is very important. Service from PC World is not always perfect when it comes to fixing your computer, and your satisfaction largely depends on the staff working at the time you take it in.

Repairing Apple computers cost even more. There is one company, Cocotec, in the UK that offers value repair on Apple Macs. Usually, they charge around £120 to repair a non-working Mac which is a real good value for your money.

Cocotec can also do motherboard repairs, so there is big chance that your computer will be repaired when you work with Cocotec.

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There are faults that even Cocotec cannot repair, and the only solution in this case is to get a full motherboard replacement. Double check with manufacturers on the warranty period for the motherboard replacement.

For example, for graphics faults with nVidia graphics cards manufacturers, they offer an extended warranty. MacBook Pro offers a 4 year extended warranty straight from Apple. 

Different models have different extended warranties, so the best way to find out is by calling customer support.

Virus infection repair can also be done at home. This largely depends on how severe the virus is. Before any work is carried out, I suggest you do a hardware diagnostic and hard disk drive diagnostic first.

The majority of faults on laptops and desktops are related to a hard disk drive fault. If you want a cheaper repair, then you need to get familiar with diagnostic tools such as GSmartControl for Windows and SMART Reporter for MAC OS X.

The two tools that will help significantly in diagnostics.

If your laptop has physical damage and there is a part broken on it, it can be replaced. Today, many laptop and desktop parts are available to buy on the internet. For example, on websites such as eBay. There are companies that buy, or take for disposal, faulty or old laptops and PC’s for parts and re-selling online.

There are also companies online that offer fixed price laptop repair. In the UK, the price for this is £79. And, sometimes it is with a VAT and other times it is not.

There are companies that specialize in only motherboard repair and individuals that repair motherboards for an affordable price. The problem is that some of the time, you need to spend money just by having them look at them. As these companies do not usually offer this service to the public, and are interested in just taking excess motherboards in bulk or doing only trade repairs.

Anything that involves motherboard repair is impossible to complete at home with good results. There are even guides as to how to do a graphics chip re-flow at home using a hot air gun or even a hot oven, but these repairs will not offer a permanent fix and usually fail within a couple of months.

Please check out iMac Repairs LTd. in the UK for unbelievably affordable MacBook laptop repairs.


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