Solving Computer Audio Problems

There can be some difficulties when trying to fix a PC motherboard with HD audio in the case when there are older Audio plugs. The only solution with this problem is to take wires from the plug and rewire them according to the motherboard specifications.

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There can also be troubles when standard Windows 7 drivers are being used for motherboards with HD Audio. Frequently, there is no sound on the earphones when they are plugged into the Audio output.
Install the drivers that came with the motherboard, or install the drivers with the automatic driver installation program DRPSU.

The trouble with this is the motherboard must sense when the plug is connected and the Windows 7 basic audio drivers cannot tell the motherboard to do this. After driver installation, the plug sensing feature can also be disabled to avoid future problems.

Sometimes, the Audio output gets damaged (the audio jack) and from the outside, you cannot see that it is damaged. Sometimes, bits of plastic can be found floating inside the laptop. The difficult part is that from the outside, you can see nothing. The audio jack might appear a little bit loose, but that’s it.

Believe or not, sometimes faulty hard drives can also cause troubles with the audio. If the hard drive has problems reading the data from the disk then anything can happen. Usually, there are some problems loading drivers and the sound stops working. This was the case on a Compaq laptop and on a Dell desktop that had a faulty power supply unit, which damaged the hard drive and the new hard drive did not work properly.

After discovering that the PSU has faulty capacitors, by replacing them, the audio problem vanished. The PSU must always work properly and must always give nice and stabilized power.

Sometimes, it looks impossible to install audio drivers, or drivers are installed, but the device doesn't work properly. The Device Manager looks like it has been disabled or the driver failed to load.

There is a need to mention the DRPSU and audio driver installation. On certain computers, it wrongly recognizes the Audio card, or gives drivers to install for two audio cards. This is known to happen on some older Dell laptops when the actual sound card is Sigmatel and the DRPSU suggests installing drivers for Realtec.

The original drivers from the computer manufacturer are always a good thing. The original drivers will always work utilizing maximum hardware capability.

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