Best Computer Checkup Procedures

Here, I will describe situations when buying, repairing, or checking your computer's health. It may be showing a blue screen, and in this case, it is best to conduct a stress test. If you work in a computer related service company, you probably don't have any time to spend to conduct any test, and no time to run diagnostics such as the Memtest or HDTune. In this case, it's best to assume that the specific computer part is faulty and to replace it, which will always work. 

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For everybody else out there experiencing computer problems at home, its best spend a few hours conducting the proper tests.
First of all, it's best to clean the computer system. Clean the heatsinks on your desktop or laptop.

Inside desktop PC

It's best to do this with a compressor or with compressed air. Cleaning with compressed air is not always the best solution, as it can sometimes leave big chunks of dust inside the system, as it is not powerful enough to blow everything out completely. The next step is to clean out the old heatsink paste and apply a new layer of heatsink paste. Apply heatsink paste on the CPU as well as on the North Bridge, South Bridge, and graphics chip, if applicable.


Download OCCT and put the computer system through a powerful stress test using OCCT. If the system has a fault, usually it will show up in about 15 minutes. Pay close attention to the temperature of the system when doing this stress test on mac computers.

OCCT report

If the test finishes without any errors shown, everything on the motherboard is most likely okay. Of course, there could be something that can slip through the test and show up later. But, as I said before, if a test passes, there is a very high probability that the motherboard is working properly. OCCT also has a PSU test feature, but I don’t believe that it can test the PSU properly as it is usually used for different procedures. To test the PSU properly, we will need to use an oscilloscope.

Desktop PSU

The next step is to scan the hard disk surface with HDTune. HDTune will not only scan the surface, but will also put the hard drive under stress. There is a probability that the hard drive could fail during this test, but it doesn't happen often. In addition, HDTune monitors hard disk temperature.


 If the temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius, this indicates that there is a fault within the electronic components, or it could mean that the spindle motor is faulty and drives too much of a current. Before doing all the tests and diagnostic steps, make sure you back up all the data. Data saved in three places will not only provide protection from failing hardware, but will also serve to save data from virus attacks.


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