Why Computer Is Freezing and What To Do About It

It is important to make sure not to lose data when a computer freezes which will lead to complete work loss. Almost all programs have an auto-save function.
You can enable this function and, for example, Microsoft Word will save your work every 10 minutes. This is a very convenient tool. Even if Word didn't save your document, it always keeps documents on a temporary basis and can revert to it after the crash.

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Such freezes usually indicate a problem with the memory, the CPU, or drivers. But, most often it is the memory and CPU. The CPU fails if it constantly overheats. That’s why it's important to mention that the maintenance of the computer should be done every year or so, even just to check if the heat sink is clean.

Why does the memory fail. This usually has to do with overheating. And, the memory has a hard work load almost every day that the computer is on. There can also be manufacturing defects in cheap memory modules such as low quality chip soldering.

We can lower the possibility for the computer to freeze by lowering the computer's performance. This will lower the component temperature, and as a result, lower the probability for it to fail.

Usually, if you do reset or switch your computer or laptop off after a freeze, everything will be okay. We can check to see what has happened in the event log which can be found in the administrative tools. But, do not relay heavily on the event log because it just points to a direction, but can’t diagnose hardware faults.

Windows does not have any tools to diagnose hardware faults. Although, the Windows display warning messages show up when something critical has happened, such as the state of the hard drive health is in critical condition. BIOS can also warn you, but only when the hard drive is almost gone.

What happens when Windows when freezing.

Which operating system is immune to freezing. LINUX or Mac OS. ?

Mac OS rarely freezes and this is almost always a hardware issue. To see a Mac kernel panic like this

is very rare. This particular kernel panic was due to a motherboard fault.

At home, everything you can do to clean the computer system will monitor temperatures. A good idea is to put the system under specific stress by using a stress test software. For example, OCCT. Before doing any tests, remember to back up your data.


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