Who Can Do Computer Motherboard Repair?

Both laptop and desktop computer motherboard repair is very complex to do. I do some motherboard repairs. I do what I know including power related faults such as the replacement of faulty MOSFET’s, capacitors, PWM IC’s, and DC Jacks.  Sometimes, I am also able to replace BIOS chips successfully.

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The problem with motherboard repair is that whoever does it needs to know how the motherboard works entirely, and how to figure out the problem. This can take years to learn.
I want to mention something about BGA reballing as well. From my long investigation into BGA reballing, many companies that claim to do BGA reballing is simply not the right way to do it. The reflow process does not actually fix the fault, but instead it fixes the oxidized layer on the pads and on the solder balls.
One company that I know of that does motherboard repairs in the UK is the company Cocotec. Cocotec fixed a motherboard for me that had a faulty I/O chip and a few faulty transistors.
Here is the image of the transistor on the Sony laptop VGN-AW11M

Cocotec also fixed my MacBook Pro simply by reflowing it. To be honest, at that time, I didn’t know all the specifics relating to BGA faults, and I didn’t ask them for reballing. So, to be sure, if you use Cocotec for graphic fixes, ask them specifically for reballing.

Thomas is the guy behind Cocotec and he uses an independent engineer located in Birmingham to do all of his motherboard repairs. Thomas told me that he spent a lot of time searching for somebody experienced and who knows how to do computer motherboard repairs. I believe the engineer that Thomas works with in Birmingham charges a trade price for the repairs he does as Cocotec charges up to £120 for motherboard repair.

There is a company in London that does motherboard repairs. The company is called Allied Computers International. Their website is located at http://www.rmaupdates.com. I have heard mixed reviews about Allied Computers International. Some engineers I know well only prefer to use them for DC jack repairs. My personal experience with Allied Computers International is also somewhat mixed.

It seems that Allied Computers International can fix certain faults on a computer motherboard, but there are certain faults that they are not able to fix.

The company Cocotec that I mentioned before seems to be the best in computer motherboard repairs. But, it is important to note that should you hire them, you need to ask specifically for the repairs that you need because if you don’t, you could end up getting a reflow when you actually needed a reball repair

If you have a faulty Mac laptop I suggest contacting Louis Rossmann. He is probably the best in repairing MacBook motherboards.
He is based in New York City, USA but they take orders worldwide.
His Youtube channel is here and his web site for orders is here

I have found a company that repairs MacBooks in the UK. Here is their Facebook page.

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