Solving Computer Mouse Problems

The most common fault on the early mouse was the rubber ball. When the old mouse was used, the same rubber ball and the two infrared sensors sensed its movements.

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Computer mouse

The old mouse problems relied heavily on the high amount of dust. The dust stuck on the wheel and then was transferred to the plastic small shaft that was part of the plastic disk. This disk had small shells on the corners, allowing the sensor to count electric impulses and sense the movement. The dust transferred from the rubber ball, and all the dust and dirt used to go around the shaft and prevent the disk from turning.  If you open any old mouse, you will definitely find a small layer of fluff on the two shafts.

If there is also strange behavior of your old mouse even if it has just been cleaned, this  is because the mouse pad gets polished during daily use and the rubber ball simply slips on that surface because the plastic surface of the mouse stops it.

Computer mouse and pad

On the second generation optical mouse, the only thing that can go wrong is the wire and electronics inside the mouse. On a wireless mouse, the battery dries somewhat quickly and it can be hard to tell that the problem is the battery.

Mouse again

The other thing that can go wrong is the driver incompatibility. This is very rare and almost always is related to faults on the computers other hardware parts.

Sometimes, even an optical mouse does not work on certain surfaces. Again, the shiny and polished surfaces are a problem for them. The mouse pad surface gets polished from usage which also causes trouble.

In fact, every mouse is an optical device. But, a newer mouse is able to sense the movements directly with the help of a sensor, and the older ones count signals with the help of an optical sensor.

Laptop track pads have now even more features than before. For access, all the features drivers need to be installed. We can move the page down, up, and even open different programs by taping track pad corners. As mentioned above, there needs to be specific drivers installed for each specific laptop. Though almost all laptops are now using Synaptics touch devices.

A freezing mouse almost always indicates that the computer has a problem with the memory or hard drive. Mouse drivers can also cause conflicts and blue screens. We had a Dell Latitude laptop with XP Pro that started to show blue screens after the Logitech driver install. Turned out that many users have the same problem and the only one solution is to uninstall Logitech drivers and not use Logitech mouse drivers.

USB mouse not recognised

If you get a message like the one above, this can indicate that the mouse has a hardware problem or that there is a problem with the USB port on the computer. Most likely, this will mean there is a mouse problem, as computer USB port failure is very rare.
The mouse can have a faulty wire. This is a common problem when the mouse is used by kids. Something inside the mouse can be faulty and the operating system can't recognize it.

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