How To Fix Home Computer Network

Today, the most common connection interface is a star bus. We don’t see this star bus as it would look as a star connection because the star interface is now placed in the router, switch, or other device. Before troubleshooting, all the connection issues make sure that everything is connected and you have a working hardware. The device to which the computer is connected should show some indication that it has communication links with the computer. The computer should also show signs that it communicates. The network card has green and amber LED lights. The green indicates that it is connected and a flashing amber light will indicate that it has a working data connection.

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On your computer, click Start in the Search field and type cmd. In the opened console window, type ipconfig.

There will be a display of all the ports on the computer and there will be a display of the ip that is assigned to it. If the IP is, it is a temporary IP and it can't get the IP needed from the router. In this case, the port shows a green light, but there will be no amber light flashing. On the router side, there is also a green light that shows the connection but does not flash. If this happens, the best thing to do is plug the router from the mains for about 30 seconds and then plug it in again. If nothing changes after that then the next step would be to reset the router. Probably DHCP is disabled and the computer can't get the IPaddress.

Sometimes, there can be two or more routers on one network. I will explain later why somebody would connect more than one router on a home network. Then each router will have a different IP. For example, the first one would be and the second one would be To get the IP for the computer, you need to type its IP address as a gateway into your computer IP settings. This may seem to be complicated at first but it is logical. To connect to the first one, we would type in the browser and to connect to the second one, type

Wireless network troubleshooting is a little tricky as there are additional components involved within the radio channel, and all the hardware that works with radio communication.


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