Dell Inspiron 1525 Review

About Dell Inspiron 1525:

It's a great laptop.

Not all games will work on it. Games that require DirectX will most likely not work.

Ports: 4 USB ports 2.0, one VGA port, LAN port, modem port, HDMI port, 1394 port, S-VGA port, Kensington Lock, two headphone ports (I did not manage to get the second port working though), microphone port SD/MMC MS/Pro port. The good thing is that the headphone, microphone and card reader ports are facing you, which makes plugging in or taking out cards and headphones easy.

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It has two memory slots and another three slots for additional cards - WLAN, UWB, WWAN. As reported by others this laptop can accept up to 4GB of RAM, though mine is not accepting that much. 

The CPU or processor is easily upgradable (by unscrewing 5 screws). 

It comes with Vista as standard but I strongly recommend upgrading it to Windows 7, as the difference will be huge. 

As a standard configuration it can have an 80 GB or 120GB hard drive. I can confirm that it can accept a 320GB hard drive as this is what is running in it at the moment. I also think it can take even bigger hard drives, for example 500GB. 

As a standard configuration it comes with just 1GB of RAM. I would strongly advise upgrading it to at least 2GB unless you are running Windows XP on it. 

Bad things:

It has weak hinges. I think Dell has addressed this issue with the latest model but on the Dell Inspiron 1525 the hinges are really weak. If you get a used one be prepared to disassemble and tighten the screws or drill a hole through the plastic and put a longer screw in it. It is really that hard to fix this. 

The battery. It seems that it does not hold charge for long and after two years it completely stops working. 

If you have a version with a Celeron CPU inside, prepare for lag if you open ten Firefox tabs.

The CPU cooling system gets clogged by dust, but the good thing is that the sink can be removed just by opening a cover underneath the laptop. 

Good things:

This laptop is good value for money.

It has convenient placement of all ports.

It has 4 USB ports.

It has very strong EMF. For people sensitive to electromagnetic fields this laptop is not an option. 


What to do if you have software that does not work properly on this laptop: simply uninstall the Intel graphics drivers. This uninstall allowed to me run Repetier, which wasn't running with Intel graphics drivers. 

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