Dropped Lenovo Y40

by Jon Delapaz
(South Plainfield, NJ)

This laptop was dropped and it impacted right by the mouse pad. It impacted hard enough to dent the aluminum body frame. Now, it won't turn on. When you plug it in, the light turns on to show that it's plugged in. When you press the power button, the power button lights up for about 4-5 seconds, the fans turn on, the hard drive starts to spin, then it shuts back down. The screen never turns on.

I know that the hard drive, ram, internal battery, and power supply are all good. Even if one of those components didn't work, it should still stay powered on and just give an error, correct?

Would you be able to troubleshoot this laptop? If so, how much do you charge?

Jon Delapaz

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Dropped Lenovo Y40
by: Remus

I suspect the impact was quite hard and most likely some component inside has been damaged or some wire is broken or disconnected. It needs to be opened and checked. You are right saying that it should at least show some picture, but in case the motherboard cracked it would not power on at all.

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