Finding a low EMF solution


I am still in college and have to use my computer a lot. I have found that I am sensitive to EMF which makes life hard, as I am sure you know. I am in the market for a new laptop (which I use with an external key board and mouse). I would prefer to stay in the chrome book family but i just want to find the best solution. If you don't mind, I would also ask for recommendations on a key board and mouse.

Thanks for your help!

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Finding a low EMF solution
by: Remus


this is how I solved my EMF problem:

I use Dell E6400 laptop and take at least one day a week electronics free (including mobile phone). Also I do not watch any video content on my laptop or on my phone; watching it on my TV only.

The Chrome Books have one disadvantage that they do not have that much soft available.

I suspect they are low EMF because usually they have lower specs compared to Windows laptops. My one had just 16GB drive and 2GB RAM. So probably lower specs laptops have lower EMF.

New Toshiba laptops probably are also low EMF. I am going to buy one ant try.

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