A Few Secrets About Computer Repair

What can be fixed on a computer? The answer is almost everything. Computer power supply problems are often caused by faulty capacitors. Everything in the computer is tightened together, and this is why one faulty component will influence the system. For example, a power supply with faulty capacitors will damage the hard drive.

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Wireless connection problems are usually caused by drivers or faulty hardware.

Computer memory problems are usually solved by replacing or increasing the memory. Increasing the memory amount is also good in other way as it takes a heavy load from the hard drive, automatically extending its life.

Computer startup problems are usually linked to hardware faults or virus infections. Anything in the computer that is involved in data storage or transfer will affect the startup.

Many times, hard drive surface defects can be fixed by simply reformatting it. The practice of 'zeroing' works even better. Mac OS X has a feature within Disk Utility that by erasing the disk will write zeros on it.

I have had many hard drives fixed this way. It seems that hard drives are able to mark the bad sectors and place them to the G-List. But, there are a limited amount of sectors that the hard disk can fix this way. Every hard disk has a limited amount of spare sectors, and if all of them were used, it will simply leave everything 'as is' even during the zeroing the disk. There is a trick that can help, even if the hard drive has used all spare sectors.

Motherboard repair task is not so easy to do. The best motherboard repair engineers do specific work only on motherboard repair. This is very difficult because there are so many different computer motherboard models. Some repairs such as DC jack replacement on a laptop motherboard can be done by anyone who can solder. 

Computer software problems are almost always linked to the hardware. This especially true for those who work in computer repair services. Though, there are cases when just troubleshooting is needed. This is true for computers in companies and servers. Server configuration is a complete industry of its own.

Computer audio problems are sometimes related to the hardware and sometimes to the software such as drivers or something conflicting. This is very rare but sound can disappear because of hard drive problems.

Some audio drivers can crash a system. This has been known to happen to some computer models.

Computer monitor problems are less and less fixable at home. The exception is probably everything related to cables or power supply.

Computers now are plug and play, so there is little to configure, except probably a resolution. Though for somebody who is an electronics enthusiast, there is always the chance to discover inside the monitor.

There is a separate article about computer rebooting problems. This is a very wide topic because there are many desktop and computer models, and each of them tend to have specific problems related to their particular model. Some of these faults are general and happen on all models from time to time.

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