How To Fix Laptop Power Jack

I am going to share some information with you as to how to fix laptop power jacks without replacing them.

When the central pin is broken, desolder the bit that is soldered on the motherboard. Prepare the central pin by cleaning it and applying a bit of solder. Cut a piece of wire that is about 0.8 mm thick. Remove all the insulation from that wire with a sharp tool. Depending on what type of wire you get, there will be a thin oxide layer or a thin insulation layer on top.

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This layer can prevent proper soldering. Make a ring and solder it to the jack central pin using flux. Check the strength of the soldering by pulling the wire, or moving the wire to the sides, the other end will be soldered to the motherboard. When this is done, we need to do something that will make it stronger and resistant to the forces that will reach through the power cable when the laptop is moving. I used a compound of epoxy to two components of glue. Mix the glue as per the instructions and apply it only to the side where the central pin is located. Pay attention to the fact that the glue does not reach the inside of the DC jack. Usually, the glue is thick and you should not have any problems with this.

Other DC jacks that can be fixed are Dell laptop power jacks. Usually, the central pin  breaks or, all the pins break. If the central pin breaks, the laptop will not sense which power adaptor is connected, and will not charge the battery.

Sometimes, this fault can be a battery fault, but in reality, it is really a broken pin on the power jack, a broken central wire in the adaptor plug, or a faulty adaptor cable.

Sometimes, not only the pins break, but the copper track on the motherboard breaks too. It might come off the PCB, and then break. In such cases, I remove the protective layer of the PCB exposing copper for proper soldering.

Make an extension from a short piece of wire and join the two tracks together. Sometimes, it is impossible to restore the track near the power jack, so I connect the track on the PCB to the pin of the power jack where it was connected. Usually, this is the central pin.

To enforce the pins and prevent them from future breaks, I use an epoxy compound or another glue that can adhere plastic and metal together.

The power adaptor plug can also break, or the wires inside the plug break. In this case, there is no other solution than to replace the power adaptor. It is possible to solder a replacement plug on the wire, but it is difficult to find the correct plug.

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