Gateway Windows 8 All In One Desktop Wont Boot

by Tanisha
(Stone mountain, GA, USA)

A few days ago, it was sunny and hot outside, Ga Power sent a surge to my house and the power cut off. It was off about 5 mins or so and then it came back on, but when it did my computer also came back on, but instead of going to the Windows screen as always for me to put in my password, the screen was black and it had a boot error message that states..

Reboot and select proper boot device
Or insert boot media in selected device and press a key.

I've never had a problem like this and have never had to change the boot settings before.

I have since tried to change the boot options to CD/DVD, as well as removable disc etc, my dad even purchased a windows 8 recovery download and saved it to a CD, but that did not work either.

The fan works and its recognizing the disc, but its still not booting up. Please help.

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Gateway Windows 8 All In One Desktop Wont Boot
by: Remus

Hello Tanisha,

for a quick solution I suggest to unplug the computer from mains and press the power button for a few minutes. Then power it on.

I suspect something went wrong in the hard drive and it lost some information.
But if it still finding the disk you should be able to boot from the Windows 8 disk and do repair.

Do Windows 8 recovery find any disks at all.

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