Hard Disk jack & cable burn. Whats the probable cause?

by SilverJ

SSD SATA connection

SSD SATA connection

I had encounter 1 case of burnt SSD jack and the cable going into the motherboard. What can cause this? The motherboard seems fine and working. Just the power cable is going to SSD and the SSD Power jack itself (on the SSD) burnt. Could it be because of the SSD power cable head is too old that the plastic can't stand the heat?

It happened a few months after user upgraded to new SSD.


This sounds like SSD fault. Usually SSDs do not drive that much power to heat power cables, and in this case, it even burned the connector.

Maybe the cable damaged during the upgrade, and it burned up because there was a bent pin.

Burns usually not happen in a computer without some sort of mechanical damage.

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