Hard Drive Repair Software. Yes, There Is One

There is a way to revive your hard disk drive.

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First of all, I will show you how to determine if it has any bad sectors? For this purpose, software GSmartControl will be used. It can be downloaded from here.

Install, start the program and choose which drive you want to diagnose.

The report probably looks like this:

And after blanking or zeroing, it would look like this:

First you need to make sure you do not have any data left in there as all data will be destroyed. How to recover data from a drive that is not seen by Windows is described here.

We need a USB to SATA adapter to connect our HDD to another computer, or we can just use the computer that it is in at the moment. In this case, make sure you unplug other hard drives and flash disk drives, as they may get erased accidentally.

Now, the first thing we need to do is to burn the ISO image do a CD-ROM.

After this, we are going to boot our computer from this disk.

The keyboard combination to boot from the CD usually is F10 or F12.

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The navigation will only be with a keyboard. We need to go to the menu Active Kill Disk.

Now, be very careful which drive you select because the erasing will be permanent. Look at the capacity of the drive; my one has 232.9 GB. It will not show the exact number that is written on your hard disk drive, but the number will be very close.

Press F10 to show info screen.

Press F10 again. Now you need to confirm the action by typing in “erase-all-data”.

Now if you check the drive with GSmartControl, it will show a report like this:

It will take about a couple of hours to finish. After this, try to install an operating system on it.

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