High Graphic Games Cause Crashes

by giovanni
(mechelen belgium)

When it comes to games with the possibility to have a lower graphic setting I always switch to medium because that fixes the problem for an hour or 2.

On the video the CPU voltage jumps from 1.x to 5.x and because it keeps on rising the PC crashes or do i see it wrong.

I thought I needed to replace GPU but now I don't know anymore where the problem rests because the crash makes it impossible to do logging and I don't see anything wrong with the temperature and/or sound.

I don't think I overclocked the CPU because in BIOS it says 1000 MHz and Auto voor OC setting. So, BIOS decides for me when it overclocks or not.

If I do a stress test of the CPU it doesn't crash but with stress test GPU it crashes in 0.1 sec but runs stable with medium setting.

CPU Quad Core i5 4460 3.20 GHZ
GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 760

Can I send you the video on mail because i can't send it through here?

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High Graphic Games Cause Crashes
by: Remus

Hello Giovanni,

Because the graphics card is a few years old I suspect it has dried up heat sink paste.
If you can, take out the heat sink and replace the paste with a silver or gold one.

GTS450 card

GTS450 card

Unscrewing heat sink screws

Unscrewing heat sink screws


Clean, paste applied

May be need thermal pads there

Other things that may be causing those crashes:

* Dried up processor heat sink paste - apply new one (silver or gold)

* Faulty memory modules - take one out and then try a few games

* Not powerful enough power supply - if you have one that is 300W it might be not enough. I would use 600W even when 400W is recommended

* Maybe the motherboard has a few puffy capacitors; this is less likely but happens occasionally - those caps must be replaced

Capacitors on graphics card

* Maybe the drivers - updated to the latest

* Some Geforce chips have a defect and starts to overheat, then fails after a few years. The graphics card should pass the OCCT graphics test without any crashes. Download OCCT and run it. Do not run the Linpack test as it crashes every time on any computer.

You say that the CPU voltage jumps 1.0 V to 5x. That should not happen. Your i5 CPU should get 1.039 Volts only. Or perhaps you talked about the GPU, which should get about 1.0 Volts.

This voltage jump should not happen in any way and this is an indication of faulty capacitors. Look for puffy caps on the motherboard or on the graphics card.

You can upload the video to YouTube and drop a link here.

by: Gio

It was not the voltage but the Watt of the CPU that jumped. I also noticed that CPU Core 4 reached 75% maybe one of the cores is faulty.

You can also see that the temps are stable for both CPU and GPU (I ordered thermal paste for future).

I will do some extra testing tomorrow with underclcking both GPU/CPU.

OCCT test ran for 3 hours without problems.

High Graphic Games Cause Crashes
by: Remus

I also suggest checking:

* Hard drive using method here

* Memory (RAM) using this method

* Check for puffy capacitors, that look like ones here

By the way, for some reason the video does not play.

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