How To Buy a Laptop Battery Replacement

Do you want to have a laptop that works for an entire day? It would be perfect for your work.

But, right now, here you are wondering why your laptop battery only holds two hours at most, and you do not know which battery to buy.

You need to replace the battery, and everything you need to know are a few numbers that will help you to buy a new one.

Today's laptops and laptop batteries come in variety of sizes and capacities. Almost all modern laptops are equipped with Lithium Ion batteries.

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Replaceable Batteries

Let's look at what battery to buy for this Dell laptop if we want it to hold longer.

Dell battery

The laptop battery is marked 60Wh. This is the capacity of the battery. The bigger this number is the longer the battery will hold the charge.

Dell laptop battery wattage

It says that it is Standard Li-Ion battery, so we need to buy the same battery.

It also has a type: T54FJ. If we want a bigger battery, this marking probably will be different.

The voltage of this battery is 11.1V and should be the same on our new battery.

The laptop battery also can be identified by a part number. Dell laptops usually have a sticker on the battery with a Dell part number, as we see here.

Dell battery part number

If you buy a new battery for this laptop, find one with a capacity of 90Wh (ninety Watt hours).

So-Called Non Replaceable Batteries

What do you do if the battery is not removable? A non-removable battery makes things a bit difficult. Still, we can access it, but we need to do a little disassembly work.

For example, this Lenovo 320s has a non-removable battery, but we can still remove it. Let's unscrew the screws and remove the bottom cover.

The battery has a connector and is not glued in. Some non-removable batteries are glued in the place (many batteries are glued in on MacBook laptops).

Lenovo 320s inside
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Sometimes on a battery like this one there will be labels with specifications and sometimes there will be no writing at all.

If there are no writings we need to search for the battery using the laptop model number and see its physical appearance.

This one battery can have a larger capacity, so there should be one to buy on the internet.

Some laptops have battery packs that fit into the DVD drive bay. This is usually older laptops. But if you have one, you may have a larger battery capacity.

Those DVD bay batteries should be available for Dell laptop models Inspiron 1525, Latitude E6400, Latitude E6420 and others.

Bigger capacity batteries are usually physically bigger to accommodate the extra battery cells. For example, the bigger capacity Dell laptop battery has three extra cells.

Why does battery capacity deteriorate over time? Most likely, there is only one cell in the battery pack that ages quickly, and as a result, it makes all the battery pack lover capacity.

There are cell protection circuits inside the battery to prevent overcharge and over discharge to make cell life longer. But still, battery packs in laptops age quickly.

If you can, please avoid cheap battery packs as they have not got the best quality cells. It’s better to have branded battery cells like LG or Panasonic.

Best Places To Buy The Battery

The best place to buy a battery for your laptop is some local computer retail shop. There are some restrictions applied by postal regulations, so Lithium Ion batteries are shipped as free as it used to be.

Another advantage of buying locally is that if it fails you have less trouble returning it.

Of course, there are many more batteries available on the internet. Amazon probably would be the best place to buy.

A Word Of Caution

There are some older Dell batteries that have different voltages despite being very similar in appearance. Please use voltage markings to get the right battery as the voltage of a new battery must be the same.


How To Improve Laptop Battery Life

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