How To Buy A Hard Disk Drive

You want to have a good hard drive for your laptop that is very fast and has lot of storage space. You could work on your laptop all day without glitches.

But now your laptop is slow, the hard drive works extra hard and you struggle to complete you day to day tasks.

But this does not need to be a pain forever. You can buy a better hard drive and enjoy using your laptop.

Everything you need to know is described below.

There are few hard disk drive types that you should know before buying any.

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Usual Hard Disk Drives

The first type is a 2.5 inch hard disk drive. It has magnetic disks where the information is stored. This is the oldest type and most likely works in your laptop.

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Some time ago this type of storage was dominant. Laptop hard disk type was 2.5 inch and desktop type was 3.5 inch. This is the actual width of the drive.

There used to be magnetic diskettes, but all of them are not used anymore.

Then there are SSD. This type is the same size (2.5 inch) but does not have moving parts. They are very fast, and it's recommended for a laptop upgrade.

SSHD. Solid State Hybrid Drive

Then there are SSHD solid state hybrid drives. These are simple hard disk drives, but they have a bigger memory (about 8GB and upwards).

There are also drives in the form of a stick. They have confusing names, but they can be identified by their size and the amount of notches.

SSDs Are Recommended

Now if you looking to upgrade your storage the SSDs are the perfect choice. You can buy them from AliExpress, Amazon or eBay.

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This is a cheaper option, but it has almost the same speed drives as SSHDs solid state hybrid drives. You can buy them from AliExpress, Amazon or eBay.

Storage On A Stick (This Is Not A RAM)

If you have a stick (type M.2), it should be fast. Then most likely you need to increase its size, say from 128GB to 500GB, or increase the RAM (from 2GB to 4GB).

What about used SSDs? I have nothing against used SSD or SSHDs, but keep in mind that they wear out like your shoes. So before you buy you need to ask about the health of the SSD and whether the SSHD has any bad sectors.

These sticks with microchips are the same SSDs but without plastic enclosure and with a different interface. Usually, they are faster than 2.5 inch SSDs.

What size is preferred for 2019/2020 year? In 2020 a SSD with 500GB capacity would be more than sufficient. There are laptops sold with 128GB SSDs, but I am not sure that this is enough.

For gaming laptops, a 1TB SSD or 1TB SSHD should be sufficient. Dedicated gaming laptops are sold with two drives: one 256GB SSD for the operating system and one 1TB for games.

I have more info about gaming laptops here.

Always check your old drive before buying a new one. You should know the type and the capacity. If the drive is about 500GB, the chances are you need to upgrade the RAM (memory).

In some cases, it is enough to double the memory and the laptop would be much faster. I have more info here.

Best Places To Buy

The laptop hard disk drives, SSDs and SSHDs are small and light, which means they can be shipped from China. The desktop PC 3.5 inch hard disk drives are heavy and bulky, so I do not recommended to ship from overseas.


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