HP 630 laptop is not seeing hard disc

by Simon Emmanuel Onuche
(Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria)

My laptop HP 630 is not seeing hard disc so it can't boot, what are the possible solutions.

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HP 630 laptop is not seeing hard disc
by: Remus


first of all this can be a serious fault of the hard disk. But can be a silly thing like a loose hard drive.

Take a Philips screw driver and unscrew bottom lid of the laptop. There will be a metal shiny thing - the hard drive. Check that it’s properly connected and is not loose.

Set BIOS settings to defaults. Power on the laptop and immediately start pressing a few times the F10 key. This will bring up a screen with various settings. Press F9 key to load BIOS defaults. Press F10 key to save the settings and exit.

If the hard drive still not showing up you probably will need another laptop to check is the hard drive still OK.

Or you can use a external USB to SATA adapter and connect the hard drive with it to another computer or laptop.

Anyway, you can access the hard drive by using the method below. It is for Asus laptop but you still can use it.

How To Recover Data From An Asus Laptop

A little bit different way is described below:

Dell Laptop Data Recovery. Step by Step Guide

You can buy the SATA to USB adapter from here.

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