I accidentally knocked some chips of my motherboard


I have knocked some chips (capacitors and resistors) of my motherboard by accident. I did not notice I knocked off anything, but after inspecting the motherboard when it would not boot (after cleaning) I noticed some chips were gone/shifted.

I blame myself, although I have no idea how it happened.

The zoomed out image is the image of my motherboard containing the problem in the center where it looks like a capacitor has been knocked off and several resistors might be missing. At least 1 resistor is at an angle I don’t trust.

The other picture is zoomed into the broken capacitor (?).

motherboard model: MBD-X10SDV-TLN4F-0
the last character is a zero (null) and not an oh.
Bios error code: 0xff (everything is broken; we can’t detect what’s broken)

Motherboard Supermicro MBD-X10SDV-TLN4F-0

Recently I noticed the vSphere alert of the CPU running hot (at 96 degrees centigrade), turned out it was running at 96 degrees since April 2018. I decided to clean my server, and (clearly by accident) I knocked off some chips.

Please let me know if you are able to (buy and) re-solder the chips. I expect money won’t be an issue seeing as the price never dropped since I bought it in 2016.

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I accidentally knocked some chips of my motherboard
by: Remus


if you are from Netherlands I suggest you to give a call to
imac-repairs.co.uk +44 7973 539374.
They are UK based and repair Macs; but I think they also can take this board
for a repair. No Fix No Fee and fixed price of £99.

Also please check rossmanngroup.com
+1 (347) 552-2258 they also repair Macs in USA but may take this board for a repair. Keep in mind that they are expensive, but if they get the board they most likely will fix it.

I also know another company Cocotek
+44 787 329 5725  based in Birmingham UK. They fix everything but sometimes they can't fix if it is very difficult. No fix no fee and the price is £99 plus for any parts they need.

I probably can't help at the moment because traveling in Greece.
P.S. if you send anything abroad buy an insurance. Lately many our parcels went missing.

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