How to Fix a Laptop Who’s Battery Don’t Last Long

There are several things you can do to improve the battery life of your laptop. Unless you have a completely damaged laptop battery, there are still some things you can do to increases the time you use your laptop on a battery. Modern laptops are very efficient and have great battery life. It is possible to see many upcoming laptops with a battery life of more than 12 hours! There are laptops nowadays that come with a fixed battery; it, therefore, becomes more preferable to solve the battery drainage issue instead of replacing the battery. You are reading this post to know how you can fix a laptop whose battery does not last long. If you have a laptop that is not lasting long, then you need to use the tips in this post to boost your battery.

If you have ever had issues with a poor battery life of your Smartphone, then you will likely find some of these tips to be familiar. In fact, fixing poor battery life in a smartphone is the same way with a laptop.

Improving Laptop Battery Life

1.    Reduce Screen Brightness

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The major cause of fast battery drain on a laptop is the screen. The brighter it is, the more battery energy it will consume. Modern LED screens are said to use a fair amount of energy. Research shows that dimming your backlight can add some extra minutes to your battery’s life. To adjust the brightness of your laptop, use the following simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the Battery Icon located at the notification bar.
Step 2: You will see the “Adjust Screen Brightness” option.
Step 3: Click on that option and a “Power Options” window will appear.
Step 4: At the bottom of this window, you can adjust the brightness by adjusting the slider to your preferred brightness.

2.    Tweak The Power Settings

Most laptops come with balanced power mode as default. What most users don’t know is that there are other options such as “High Performance” and “Power Saver” options. To check the power plans you are using, use the following steps.
Step 1: Go to “Control Panel”
Step 2: Search for “Power Options”
Step 3: The power options window will appear, from here you will be able to see which power plan you are using.

Alternatively, you can simply click on the battery icon on the notification bar and then click on “More Power Options” to go directly to the Power Options settings.
The aim of this is to ensure that our laptop is consuming minimal energy and therefore, we will change the power option to Power Saver power plan by just ticking this option.

3.    Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Wireless connection consumes a lot of power. When not using these wireless connections, it is critical to switch them off to save energy. If you must use an internet connection you can use an ethernet cable which uses less energy. Switching off the WI-FI is straightforward because most laptops have a special button or key combination to do so. However, switching off Bluetooth is a bit trickier. The good news is that there are tool and utilities to help in controlling Bluetooth.
To completely disable Bluetooth, use the following steps:

Step 1: Head over to Device Manager
Step 2: Select the Bluetooth adapter to disable
Step 3: Right click on it
Step 4: Choose Disable

To re-enable this, you will just have to double click on the Bluetooth adapter.

4.    Do not Overcharge Your laptop

Overcharging any device has a negative impact on its overall battery life. It is not wise to overcharge your laptop. To circumnavigate this issue, you should disconnect your laptop from the mains whenever you are not around. This will help reduce the chances of forgetting and overcharging the battery. The best thing about modern laptops is that they come with a battery protection mode. This mode helps in protecting your laptop from overcharging by stopping charging when a certain limit is reached. When you are actively using the laptop you can disable the limiter and allow your laptop to be fully charged.

5.    Remove Peripherals

If you have peripherals devices connected to your laptop, they might be the cause of fast battery drain. Such peripherals include; disks and external USB devices. Leaving a disk in your laptop makes it spins whenever you access options such as save or File Explorer. Other USB devices can also consume a lot of energy if left connected to your laptop. It is therefore advisable to disconnect all peripherals whenever you are not using them and especially when you are on battery.

6.    Get A Spare Battery

Having an extra battery will also be a great way to improve your battery life. The best thing about this is that you can get an extra battery without spending too much money. Some laptops have an allowance of installing two batteries; this can be a great way to improve battery life. If you don’t have an extra battery allowance, don’t worry because there are universal batteries out there that you can use to meet your needs.

7.    Purchase a New Battery

As we mentioned earlier, if you have an old battery, you can consider buying a new one. Batteries are never designed to run long. In fact, a laptop will tend to last way longer than its battery and that is the reason why you will find that the manufacturers do not guarantee a lasting battery life. It is normal for laptop batteries to degrade especially after a couple of years. You can get a new battery for your laptop from your laptop manufacturer at a relatively low cost. A new battery will be a great investment that will give renewed life to your laptop helping it serve you better and longer.

You don’t have to suffer the disappointment when you laptop switches off in the middle of something because of its poor storage; with the tips above you can improve the battery life of your laptop. This will make you have longer work time on your laptop and get things done.


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