Keyboard On Acer Laptop Swift Does not Work Properly

by Sam

Acer Swift

Acer Swift

My keyboard is disturbed!
It is stuck in a mode where i cannot use the numbers or some punctuation marks and many items become highlighted at once.

To solve this i have tried:

unchecking sticky keys
language and region settings
uninstalling and reinstalling the driver
using an external keyboard
restarting computer
resetting computer

It seems there is some kind of shortcut because once in a while it does work absolutely fine. Then switches itself back to not fine mode.

I have tried various combinations of shortcuts that i have found online.

I am now at a loss of what to do next and this problem is severely affecting my work.

Any ideas?

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keyboard _ acer laptop swift
by: Remus

Have you tried keyboard combination Fn + NumLk

by: sam

Yes i have. It didn't work either.

keyboard _ acer laptop swift
by: Remus

Does it write QWERTY when you type this with the keyboard?

I suspect that this is something to do with the regional setting. Is this Windows 10.

Would be much easier if you could put a video on youtube showing what is actually going on.

This video may help.

by: Sam

Yes, it is on windows ten i looked at the regional settings and it looks OK. I'm using the UK setting.
The strange thing is that I got so fed up with it yesterday I ran my fingers up and down the keys and it started working. But, today, when I turned it on it had gone back to symbols. Also if I try to highlight something a whole section of icons is highlighted instead of just one.

The qwerty is coming out OK

Thanks for your help


by: Remus

As I can see you have a stuck Shift key on the keyboard or the keyboard is faulty.
If it is still under a warranty I would suggest returning it.

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