Laptop memory problems (Hard Drive)

Hi there I have a Dell laptop. I also have an external drive on which I save everything yet the memory on my laptop seems to be diminishing gradually over a period of time started off with some 30gb and am now down to just under 10gb over the past few months - forgive the description but I am not a tech buff. Any ideas. Many thanks.

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Laptop memory problems (Hard Drive)
by: Remus

This can happen if the laptop has many programs installed. If you can please uninstall all the not necessary software. There should be also programs that came with the laptop from Dell that are not necessary.

Empty the Recycle bin.

Use a software CCleaner from Piriform. I am not a big fan of any automatic cleaning software but if it works, then why not?

Laptop memory problems (Hard Drive)

If you download something from the Internet it gets stored in the Download folder. Please check and delete all not needed files.

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