Laptop screen EMF

by Hayley

Hi, I was wondering if you knew about where to buy a film or filter that you can put over the laptop screen to stop EMF radiation as I have a sensitivity to it. Please let me know if you can help me out. Kind regards Hayley

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Laptop screen EMF
by: Remus


I had a little success with those filters. It seems the EMF goes around them or the source of EMF is actually the processor and the motherboard.

A Faraday cage would make any laptop low EMF but we can’t put a laptop in a metal box.

I tried a few laptops and now using Dell Latitude E6400 (dual core).
It seems that this laptop gives minimal symptoms.

Also I have noticed that other people like Dell Latitudes so probably this model really is low EMF. These are older models and are quite bulky and heavy. May be this is reason why they are low EMF.

I have also Lenovo 320s and actually can’t use it as it has strong EMF. I suspect it comes from the motherboard.

I grounded USB connection; this way each laptop I connect to USB hub becomes grounded. Seems that helps a little.

The problem with the screen probably is not because EMF but probably because LED light.
I can’t use LED lights at all. All lights in my home are halogen lights.
Laptop screens have the same LEDs in the screen as a background light

You also need to get one day per week free from electronics. This is important.
I suspect the allergy develops from a constant laptop or mobile phone use.

When I go to sleep I unplug all electronics from sockets and switch off my mobile phone.
This seems help me to have rest in the night and then I can work on my laptop all day.

If I accidentally leave my mobile phone on for the night I am dizzy all day.

So this is my take on EMF investigation.

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