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I want to take this opportunity to ask if you’d like to write for us. We have an exciting new site directed toward computer users. Are you a journalist, technician, or a student? Can you write content that solves the problems of computer users? If so, we’d love you to write for us. It has been our goal since day one to create a site that helps computer users solve their problems. We all know that not everyone is a whiz when it comes to computers. Helping others is what we do best, and it’s our goal to answer the questions of as many people as possible.

Tell me about your problem by clicking here. I will reply in two hours with a solution.

We like to think of our site as a resource for others. Everyone has had computer problems in the past. Where did you turn to solve your problems? More than likely you went to the internet searching for answers. All of our visitors do the same thing. They search Google and stumble upon our site. We hope that the same visitors will come back to our website to solve future problems.

What do you get for writing an article for us? You can always put it on your CV. We will also consider linking to your social media accounts or even your website. This is done on a case by case basis. We need to make sure that your sites or social media accounts reflect our standards. If they do, we have no problems giving you a link back. It’s the least we can do considering you put so much time and effort into your article.

Contact us and let’s get the ball rolling. Tell us what topic your article is going to be about. We can use articles on just about any topic. But, it’s best that you run it by us first to make sure we’ll post it. There’s no need to write an article if it’s not something that we can use. Thanks again for your time and we hope to hear from you. Our site is growing because of contributors like you. That’s something we never forget, and we’ll always be grateful for all of our contributors.

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Tell Me About Your Problem By Clicking Here. I Will Reply In Two Hours With A Solution.
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