PC shut down after 1 second

by Milad
(Srilanka colombo)

Hi sir,
When I start my PC it will shut down after 1 second. I have removed every part on the mother board. Same thing is happening. My guess is a MOSFET , but I can't say which one is faulty. There are more than 22 MOSFETs. Sir can you help me. If you send your number I can send a video!

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PC shut down after 1 second
by: Remus

Hello Milad,

please remove everything including the processor, memory etc. and try to power it on. It should stay on even if it does not have memory and processor. If it does not stay on then the power supply is faulty or as you say MOSFETs are faulty. You need to get a multimeter and do some measurements as I do this here.

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