Some motherboard part got burnt on Acer Predator

by Harmanjeet singh
(Ferozepur city,Punjab,India)

I am Harman from India.
I bought Acer Predator worth rs.70000/- in October 2018. My laptop was working but it gets overheated 2 times and I contacted the customer care and he guided me to update BIOS and said it will fix my problem but when next day I checked it by playing GTA five my laptop cut off. And now my laptop is off and does not respond to charger. And I had visit from one of the service engineers who said that motherboard part is burnt but said cannot be replaced in the warranty because it is burning issue. He said to pay the half amount of my laptop cost and I can't afford this. I am getting no help from anywhere. My laptop has become useless box. I am really disappointed. I can't sleep at night. So please I request someone please help me how to solve this problem.
Harmanjeet Singh

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Some motherboard part got burnt
by: Superuser

Hello Harmanjeet,

It is not a water damage and it has a burn component so I think you are entitled for a repair or a replacement laptop. It is not your fault is is probably design defect.

Please contact Acer customer support. Write them an email and attach those photos. Tell them that the local engineer refuses to replace the motherboard which is unfair.

Acer customer support

Please also use next time a laptop cooler stand to keep it cool.

Thank you
by: Superuser

Thank you for your suggestion. I will try this and email them as customer care is not even helpful.

Reply to superuser
by: Harman

Thnx to you but I tried to send them email with the attachment of this picture and again they said it falls under physical damage and cannot be covered in warranty.

Some motherboard part got burnt on Acer Predator
by: Superuser

Actually, better is not to send any images of the motherboard but keep the laptop intact. The laptop does not work anymore and the technician said this is motherboard fault and do not want to do a warranty repair.

The warranty will be void if you disassemble the laptop yourself. If any technician that does not work for Acer open the laptop this also will void the warranty.
Please keep contacting the support and send them all needed documents i.e. purchase receipt.

Was the technician working for Acer. If not do not tell them that the laptop was opened. The laptop does not work any more and you do not know why.

You also may check out Acer forum

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