Sony Vaio doesn't boot

by Giuseppe

Laptop Sony Vaio VGN-C1Z

After pressing start button this happens:
CD drive on: I hear its noise
Hard disk on: only rotate, no heads moving noise
Green upper LED (over keyboard): always on
Display: always black, no sign of booting or S.O. loading
CPU fan: off, never starts to rotate
CPU: become hot, as if it was operating

I tried to insert a brand new RAM module: nothing changes.
Same behavior with only power supply, only battery or both.

What do you think?
Thank you

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Sony Vaio doesn't boot
by: Remus

You could try to connect it to a external monitor. Also the processor can be faulty but it is difficult to replace it.

Sony Vaio doesn't boot
by: Giuseppe

I already tried to connect an external monitor, but nothing happened.
I can easily open the laptop to reach the cpu for substitution. Do you think I can risk and buy a new one?

Sony Vaio doesn't boot
by: Remus

I am not sure that this is processor fault. Those faults are very rare. This is most likely a motherboard fault.

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