Sony Vaio E Series Laptop won't turn on

by Sleepy Bear

Hello. I have a Sony Vaio E Series Laptop I did not use for a long time. Recently, I tested it, and some problems appeared. First, when the laptop is plugged in to charge the battery, its battery light won't turn on. Second, after the power button is pressed, the light of this button will turn on, but nothing else will, not even the battery light or the screen. Its fan does not work either. The only thing that works is the button on the eject tray of the DVD unit. Another thing that is weird is that when the power button is kept pressed after turned on, the battery light turns on. I will try to fix it by myself, but do you know where the problem may come from? Thank you.

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Sony Vaio E Series Laptop won't turn on
by: Remus

Please remove the battery, plug in the power adapter and see does it turn on.

If this works, shut it down, put the battery back, plug the power adapter and leave it like this for a day.

The battery simply has discharged below the recommended level.

(Answer) Sony Vaio E Series Laptop won't turn on
by: Anonymous

Hello. Thank you for your advice. I tried using it without its battery, but the same problems appeared.

Drain the static charge!
by: Aitizaz

Mostly, when you power on the computer after longer periods, the computer develops a static charge. Please follow the steps given below to remove that:

1. Remove the battery and unplug the charger.
2. Press and hold the POWER ON button for 3 Minutes.
3. Plug in charger and POWER ON the computer. Do not insert the battery at this point.

Best of Luck!

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