How to speed up the Dell Inspiron 1525

The Dell Inspiron 1525 comes with a Vista operating system. Vista has been known to put a tremendous amount of pressure on the hardware of a computer, and both versions of Vista have the same problem, Ultimate and Home. The reality is that solving this problem is actually very simple. Start by doubling the amount of memory that is already installed, for instance, if there is 1 GB of RAM, it should be doubled to 2 GB of RAM, it is actually practically impossible to use Vista just with 1 GB of RAM. It is best if the memory is 4 GB, and then the laptop will run smoothly. 

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The problem that occurs with the memory is due to the fact that about 300 MB of the RAM is used for video memory alone. If there is even 2 GB of RAM installed, then what is left is around 1700 MB of RAM, and this small amount of memory can be easily eaten by Firefox and by having many tabs active.

The other way to make the Dell Inspiron 1525 run faster is to reinstall or reload Windows. This will most likely be only temporary because the operating system will start to slow down just like it had before. 

The only advice I have for Vista that has been freshly installed would be to install other software as least as possible. 

Ideally, the Dell laptop will run Windows XP, and if the operating system seems too old, it is best to try installing Windows 7. All the drivers for Windows 7 should be on the Dell website, but if some are not, you can probably find the missing driver software through Driver Easy or DRPSU.

The last thing to check on the laptop is the hard drive. As mentioned in other articles from this site, the health of the hard drive is very important to how fast the laptop will run overall. A sluggish system is not only caused by not having enough memory, but also from hard drive faults, and usually, a hardware fault is located inside the hard drive. An operating system will usually not inform a user about the problems that are occurring in the hard drive. This is why it can be difficult to discern why a computer is running slow. 

If there is no need to use Windows on a laptop, I do recommend switching to Linux, particularly Ubuntu. Ubuntu runs perfectly on Dell laptops and are also immune to many types of viruses. Ubuntu is also a very feature-rich operating system when used in a command line environment.

Also, it is possible to run Mac OS on Dell laptops. But, running Mac OS might require some work due to the configuration process. Further instructions on how to create a hackintosh from a Dell Inspiron 1525 can be found on the Internet. 

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