Toshiba Laptop x505-SLi Beeps

by Minas

I have this laptop that turns on, but gives a long beep and then two short beeps. Based on what I researched, it says that the beeps are pointing to the video card. I am not sure how to do this myself. I have seen some videos on youtube, and I know that I can take the laptop apart, but I am not sure how to handle the video card. Where can I go to find some step by step help.


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Toshiba Laptop x505-SLi Beeps
by: Superuser

Hello Minas,

those beeps can mean different faults.

I would:

strip the laptop down i.e. disconnect the DVD drive, take out the memory etc.

put one memory module in and try to start it. If that beeps try another.

check all the cables are plugged in properly, accessing them without completely disassembling.

The disassembly should not be complicated, you just need to remember which screw goes where; tape them on a piece of paper.

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Open your ticket in Toshiba Laptop Support.

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