Unknown problem

by Maruf

When i start my laptop, it starts slowly. After running it for a long time, if I don't operate it, the laptop stops automatically.

After that, if I want to start the laptop, it can't. After a long time, I can start it. During running condition, I don't face any problem.

I bought my laptop (Dell Inspirion 3000 series) from Singapore in March 2016. Configuration: Windows 10 home, processor: Intel (r)core (tm)i5-6200u@2.3GHZ 2.4GHz Ram 8GB , 64 bit operating system. Please suggest me a solution.

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by: Remus

This laptop should still be under a warranty. Can you try and return it for a repair.

Unknown problem
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for replying. I lost my receipt when I bought it. I contacted DEll importer in Bangladesh. They demand the receipt. I already emailed to Singapore to give me a new receipt from where I bought it. But the seller does not respond to my mail. Now what I will do sir?

Windows 10 still has bugs
by: Remus


I would suggest replacing the Windows 10 operating system with Windows 7. Windows 7 is far better than anything else. If it works it will work for years. But Windows 8 or 10 is a bit trouble.

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