Not a Friend but Not an Enemy Either

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Moon base, the year 2210

As I sit at a round table, a tall, athletic person enters the room and sits opposite me. His positive, smart but piercing eyes give him an attractive demeanor. He seems to be waiting for me to start the conversation.

“Hello, nice to meet you. I am here because all our inbound communications are switched off. I was informed that this is due to some alien threats that we think would infect our systems. We did not know you were contacting us. You are probably one of the long-lost human colonies,” I say.

He smiles and responds, “Yes, we tried to contact you. My apologies, we did not mean to be intrusive. After all, we had been searching for this star, and I think we finally found it. It matches our records perfectly. Although all constellations look somewhat different, the time difference can explain this. We sent a signal your way a long time ago, but it probably got lost in one of the interstellar dust clouds. This is very exciting to be here again and meet you. We call ourselves thinking beings, as you do.”

“I am very surprised that we can’t find any records about your colony. Is it in the Andromeda galaxy as you say? How is that possible?” I ask.

“We have some advanced propulsion systems. Though we can’t travel faster than light, we can bend space,” he responds.

“I wonder what year your group left,” I say.

He smiles and says, “You call it 1.500.125 BC.”

It’s at this point that I notice how strange he is and the way he walks, which I had never seen before.

“Did they leave from Mars?” I ask.

“Yes, one spacecraft was sent out. Nobody was on board, just a spacecraft for exploring another star system. I can show you our latest spacecraft, but you must keep your space suit on as it has no life support system yet,” he replies.

From this point, I know what he is.