Difference Between Gaming Laptops and Normal Laptops

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Gaming has become one of the most attractive and interesting chores for the present day computers. With laptops becoming common, the gaming enthusiast is able to take his gaming ventures to any place at any time and gone are the days when he is tied down to his desktop to play a video game of his choice. Gaming laptops are becoming very popular among the youngsters of the present generation and this popularity is being used by many of the laptop giants like Dell, Sony, Toshiba etc and are introducing many variants of their laptop and notebook computers to feed the frenzy of the fanciful players of the gaming world.

If you are gaming man and want to have the best equipment to experience the thrill of being at the center of action on the latest computer video games you have to bear certain points in your mind. For this you must have a good gaming laptop with the necessary special features to make it good to give the level of gaming experience you want. Compare gaming laptops and select a laptop that has higher performance graphics card from some of the well known names of graphics cards like ATI, Nvidia, and Intel etc.

The so called normal laptops

When you are buying a regular computer it can do a variety of functions and come with limited graphics capabilities with built in graphics card like Intel GMA. These on-board incorporated Graphics cards cannot match the performance of dedicated and specialized graphic cards. Hence you have to pay special attention while selecting your gaming laptop or notebook and see that it is equipped with the right type of graphic card that can deliver the quality of gaming experience you want to indulge in.
The gaming laptop you select have enough video memory and the larger the better as it is a good gaming enhancing factor. If you intend playing and viewing 3D enabled graphics then you must have the graphic card that has this capability as regular computers are totally incapable of processing and rendering 3D quality graphics.

Present day computer Video games need lot of processing power and hence you have to select the ones that are powered by Dual or Quad Core fast processors and must have very large storage capacities. As the amount of RAM you have in your computer is going to be the deciding factor for getting higher level of performance it is necessary that you must have ample RAM of the order of 8 to 32 GB.

The screen you are going to view the graphics rendering is the element that is ultimately going to determine the quality of gaming experience and for this it is necessary to go for the screen capable of giving a higher resolution. The size of the screen is also very important and it is better to select the one that has a larger size than that ones that you normally have in your regular laptops. So, compare gaming laptops and pick the one that gives the highest possible resolution and is as large as possible in size.

The big three players

We have many brands of Graphics card manufacturers and among them NVidia, AMD (ATI), and Intel are the most important players. All the Gaming laptops you buy will have graphics cards of these brands. Though all are equally good for general gaming performance, some of them have some special and peculiar performance enhancements that will give you even better results in rendering graphics of your favorite games.

In the Nvidia range some of the best graphic cards are: the GE Force series in 4Mx, 4Ti, FX, PCX, GT, XT, AGP, GTX, GTX Titan etc. These Graphic cards come with a 250 MHz to 1146 MHz clock speed and some of them have the turbo running features for faster chip performance. They have a memory clock speeds ranging from just 166 MHz to 7 GHz and have the memory interface of 32 Bit to 512 bit modes. They are designed to function with a high memory transfer rate ranging from 2.6 GB/s to 288.4 GB per second with a transfer rate per clock cycle from 1 to 2688. Thus you have a very wide range of graphics cards to choose from Nvidia.

The AMD (ATI) graphic cards are also available at various specifications in the Radeon series ranging from 9200, 9250, 9550, 9600, 9800, X300, X500, X800, X1050, and X1300 to X8970 series. They are also available in HD, R7 and R9 series with their own design and performance criteria. They have a clock speed of 250 MHz to 1.05 GHz, and run with a memory clock speed of 400 MHz to 6.5 GHz. They are designed to function with a wide memory interface of 32 bits to 512 bits, and have a memory transfer capabilities of 6.4 to 512 GB per second.

Gaming laptops

Some of the most popular gaming laptops with Nvidia GTX 980M are as follows: ASUS G751JY with a 17.3 inches FHD matte screen, powered by a Core i7 processor with 32 GB RAM and has a Nividia GTX 980M – 4GB graphics card. The Falcon North West TLX with NVidia GTX 980 M with 8GB GPU, and is one of the most popular Nividia powered gaming laptops.

Acer Aspire laptops with G in their model numbers have dedicated graphics cards and most of the times these come with ATI Radeon Mobility Graphics cards, Sony Viao EA, EB and EC series all come with ATI Radeon graphics cards. If you are not interested to go for expensive graphic cards you can select a gaming laptop that comes with integrated graphic card module in the motherboard circuitry itself and they are also good for general gaming purposes though they cannot give high end gaming performance.

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