Python from Elite Dangerous

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Python was introduced by Whatt and Pritney Ship Constructions in 2700. This model started interstellar travel and helped ship pilots become independent commanders.

Combat capabilities

This ship is capable of being a powerful combat tool, but it needs expensive modifications. Because it is not that maneuverable and because its form is flat, any ship that manages to get on top or bottom of it will have a huge advantage. The maneuverability of 2 is too low for this type of ship. Fer-de-Lance, which is a similar ship, has a maneuverability of 4.

The solution is packing it with hull and module enforcements and fitting it with at least Military Grade Composite Alloys.

It is a ship made for head-on attacks. The squished ship form makes it a difficult target when facing the enemy.

Unfortunately, it has only three class 3 hardpoints and the other two are class two. These two class 2 hardpoints are handily equipped with heat-seeking rockets. The 3 class hardpoints can have beam lasers fitted.

Again, it is disappointing as a similar Fer-de-Lance has a class 4 hardpoint.

Beam lasers are considered the tool to destroy opponent ships’ shields and rockets are good in damaging ships’ metal construction. With this gun arsenal Python needs a powerful Power Plant; i.e., class 7A.

It seems it is not a trading ship

Considering its price of 88 million credits there is another ship that has almost the same cargo capacity and cost just 17 million credits. The Type-7 transporter is on pair with cargo capacity and even has thicker armor.

The only niche that Python can fit in trading is outposts that do not have large landing pads. And even then, the cargo capacity will be a limiting factor to use it effectively.

The front view

I consider the visual experience in Elite Dangerous important and part of the game’s overall atmosphere.

Python has a decent front view.

Because there are two seats in the front the pilot is shifted to one side. That’s why those enforcement frames are not symmetrical. There is no picture distortion which is a big plus.

In conclusion, this is the best-looking ship in Elite Dangerous. Just look at this beauty.

Honestly, Python is fun to own. Sometimes I think that Python is the jack of all trades, master of none. Though, in the community, this ship has a good reputation. I heard that some pilots have taken on Anacondas with this ship.

But it is less sluggish compared to Anaconda and less unpredictable compared to ASP Explorer. If you can manage to upgrade the FSD to G5 it probably will go to the 40 LY jump range.

The roles that Python fits best

I think it must be passenger missions to some outpost stations that only have medium landing pads.

Exploration is only feasible with engineering to G5 its Frame Shift Drive. Then, it will have a decent jump range.

As there are also FSD boosters, one jump distance can get decent.

Some commanders use this ship to help their factions.

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