Anaconda From Elite Dangerous

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The best and probably most expensive ship that you can have

Anaconda is classified as a multipurpose ship and manufactured by Faulcon DeLacy. Though, I can’t say that its cargo capacity is impressive. The best ship for cargo is the Type-9 Transporter.

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As the name suggests this is the ship that you must have if you play Elite Dangerous. It cost 140 million credits only and you get the ship with some modules better, some modules good and some modules just like junk. There is no perfect part in the new ship as it needs improvements the minute you own it.

The Frame Shift Drive jump range that enables you to jump between stars is by default only about 10. Even if you buy A-grade modules and make your spacecraft as light as possible, it will only be able to travel 38 LY. This is not a great distance; in fact, it is half of the distance the spacecraft can travel if it has good engineering.

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You will need to get to an engineer and modify it. There are rumors that it can get engineered to the point that it can jump 80 LY. That’s probably the longest jump range in the entire Elite Dangerous fleet.

As you progress and do things in the game you will receive invitations from engineers to start your ship mods. They will invite you, if you search for them without an invitation you will be a trespasser on their bases.

On the right side of the picture, you can see cars and a bus.
The view from the cockpit is not obstructed by anything. The canopy is clear and has no distortions that exist on DiamondBack Explorer.

The overheating

If you upgrade all its hardpoints to Beam Lasers and use some as turrets it will overheat. You can make it cooler by using a Heat Sink and deploy it during the fight. Also, if you use a couple of Burst Lasers instead of Beam Lasers that will also help to stay cooler.

The engineering should also help as you can make the power plant and other modules more heat efficient.

I did not have power shortages even with a stock power plant.


Anaconda probably belongs to ships that turn slowly. But it’s not that bad like on transport ships. Also, you can upgrade thrusters or engineer them.

Optional internal slots

It has 14 optional internal slots so that you can fit all the modules you want and have space left.

It can accommodate two fighters

Not many ships in Elite Dangerous can have fighters on board. For example, Python can’t have any. So Anaconda can have two fighters and you can hire a crew to fly them. The crew experience will vary from helpless to an expert and you will pay them accordingly.

Usually, hiring an expert pilot costs about 150 thousand credits. You also will need to pay them a commission which is about ten percent from profit.

If you are going to fly the fighter yourself, the hired pilot will take control of Anaconda. Those expert pilots are fairly good. Though, sometimes they forget to use rockets which may cost you a lost Anaconda.

Dealing with pirates

Honestly, using this ship to deal with pirates is like eating a cookie. If you have a crew, they even can do it for you and you probably would not move a finger.

Some pirates just run away or just get destroyed easily.

The only thread for Anaconda is probably the small ships like Eagle. Those are like mosquitoes that go under the ship and as we know Anaconda is not the best turner. I still use turreted lasers on Anaconda, so I leave turrets to deal with those mosquito-type ships.


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