Type-9 heavy is the ship that has an enormous potential

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It’s a trading ship

This ship is for trading purposes there is no question about that. It has the biggest cargo space in the entire Elite Dangerous fleet. And its monstrosity shows up when you can make 22 million credits in just one 20 light-years trip.

Yes, you can invest ten million credits in buying some commodities and then sell those to a nearby star system for mind-boggling profit. I do not think you can go even close to that with mining. Go to inara.cz, click Trade Routes then Best Trade Routes. Search for the best trade routes near your location.

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It has a cargo capacity of well over 800, but a fraction of it is used for a fuel scoop or a shield.

Shielding is not necessary if you do cargo missions as to be interdicted chances are slim and even if you do get pulled from the hyperspace the thick wall of this ship can just protect until the frame shift drive is charged and ready for another jump.

The Point Defense Turrets and Electronic Countermeasures fitted to Utility Mounts will protect and give time for another jump to hyperspace.

The hyperspace jump length is not the highest as you may expect from this kind of ship. Fully loaded with cargo, it can travel ten light-years without engineering.

Guns guns guns

Every Elite Dangerous ship has a few guns. Though, these are smaller ones—class two.

It’s especially useful to have those lasers as turrets as the ship is slow in turning and turrets will turn much faster and find the target. As all the turret guns in Elite Dangerous, these are not that precise and their power is not that impressive as they are just class two. However, if the target is close enough and is big enough these guns can deliver a hard punch to the shields.

There are Point Defense Turrets that are completely automatic and will protect from torpedoes and missiles. You must have them if you fly without a shield and they will take care of incoming threats to the ship’s hull.

Rumors say that it overheats quickly

Yes, it likes to overheat near stars or when fuel scooping.

The simple solution near the star is to fly a bit from the star and enable Frame Shift Drive when you hear “Fuel Scooping Disengaged”.

This ship does not overheat when using guns. If it overheats when using lasers go and upgrade the power plant.


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