How To Make Your First Million Credits With Sidewinder in Elite Dangerous

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Earning money in Elite Dangerous using Xbox One controller

The missing Sidewinder manual shows how to make one million credits.

We will need the Sidewinder and about 30 thousand credits to modify the ship. It is better to spend a bit more and get the Frame Shift Drive for 50 thousand that enable jumps up to 18 light-years.

How to earn money even for this modification. Go and deliver data, a bit of cargo or just fly around with Discovery Mode enabled and then sell the data. When the ship travels through space, discovery data is automatically collected with no need for your input. Do not forget to fly with discovery mode enabled and submit your data to the Universal Cartographics in Starport Services.

It is not clear what to do at the beginning of the game and easy money can be overlooked.

Buy two more fuel tanks and a better frame shift drive.

The power plant may also need an upgrade. Check that the numbers are not red at the bottom.

There is also our jump range at the bottom. It is marked as Min/Current/Max. Those numbers will change as you change the ship’s modules. Keep the Current number around 15.

Now open in your browser and click a link on the top that says Road to Riches. Submit your reference star system. Click Get Route.

It will show a list of star systems and undiscovered celestial bodies that are worth the most.

We will go to the HIP 26688 star system and investigate it with the Full Spectrum System Scanner (FSS).

After arriving at the destination press Y + Right Bumper on the Xbox One controller.

It will show an FSS screen. We need to honk the system first. Press and hold the A button. This may be the Left Tab on better ships.

Now you will see a planet plane and a few blobs. Those thin lines on the screen represent planet movements. We need to follow them around the star. Those blobs represent our targets and we need to move our camera represented by a few circles directly on them and tune the scanner.

The scanner is tuned by moving the Right Stick to the left or right. The camera is positioned with the Left Stick. When the scanner is tuned the circle appears in the middle and we need to press the Right Trigger to discover the celestial body (usually a planet).

Very often there are two or more bodies in one place so after the first zoom in with the Right Trigger, we need to zoom in again by pressing again the Right Trigger. Zooming out is assigned to the Left Tab.

After fiddling with the controls, we get something like this.

Or this.

There will be many signal sources that are not planets but degraded or encoded signals.

Those usually are found on the left side of the spectrum. You can also discover them so that they do not distract you anymore.

The number at the left bottom side will indicate the progress.
Now go to a Star Map and choose a system that is in one of the bubbles. We need a system with a civilization to sell our new-discovered data.

Go to the Starport and click Universal Cartographics.

Click Sell Page.

Each system that is discovered using Road to Riches is worth about one million credits. Systems with lower planet numbers will be worth less.

In case you do not want to use any external websites to know where to go.

That is also possible. Though, you will earn probably half the money on the same time spent.

Go to the Galaxy Map and find a star system that is outside the bubble.

Scan those planets and sell the data in a star system inside the bubble. Remember, you need to travel 20 light-years from the discovered system to be able to sell that data.

Here is money earned after scanning three star systems.

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