Snowrunner. Can We transport an Oversized Cargo With Fleetstar F2070A Truck

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Here we will be using our small Heavy-Duty truck FleetStar F2070A to transport oversized cargo Construction Rig Semi-Trailer. There is a good road most of the way, but we will need to cross a river.

This truck may look like a little European car compared to other trucks, but it has a powerful punch. In fact, I prefer this truck over the GMC MH9500.

Currently, I am using a controller. Sometimes a weird thing happens with the steering. If I turn right, a little the car turns to the left instead. It turns easily; actually, with a touch the truck turns to the opposite side. It’s a bit annoying. Please let me know if you have this strange problem. I guess it’s the controller.

I keep using road marks as honestly, I do not remember the map. I was following the tasks that the game was giving automatically, and it sent me to the next map instead of finishing the current map.

So, I no longer follow the suggestions.

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How to make money and buy a better truck. Simply find and sell trailers, find and sell abandoned trucks and also some money will be earned from deliveries. For example, International Paystar 5070 is a much better truck and costs only 82 thousand. The Fleetstar F2070A cost 30 thousand and the GMC MH9500 also cost around 30 thousand. So, you just need an additional 20 thousand if you sell these two trucks.

Here is an easy way to make some quick money. Go to the Farm and start a food delivery contest. You need to have the Wooden Bridge repaired that leads to the drilling site. If I remember correctly, you need to deliver some wooden planks there.

You can repeat this contest as many times as you want, I guess. There are more contests, but I found this to be easiest.

I have noticed that sometimes trailers or semi-trailers get stuck for no apparent reason. It’s like this time it stuck, and I can’t find why it stuck. The bottom of the trailer does not touch the road. The road seems to be okay. That is a weird thing. It’s a bug, probably. There are bugs in this game. I will show them later.

Let’s get back to our Fleetstar truck. You can earn 22 thousand per hour with this truck. Just choose a contest that is easy to do and repeat it. For example, you can choose food delivery from a farm to a drilling site in the Black River map. I suspect that the contest can run forever. In the next video I will be doing this contest and we will see how much I can earn with this Fleetstar truck, no mods and only stock tires. Basically, the truck will be what you get when you first start the Snowrunner game.

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