Making Quick Easy Money In Snowrunner With Fleetstar F2070A

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I know that if you just started Snowrunner, you are struggling with it. I think the start of this game is a bit difficult.

In the beginning there is not that much money and even if you have enough money to buy better tires the games does not allow to do that as your level is not qualifying.

This is what you need to do. Start a task for wooden planks delivery to Wooden Bridge near Drilling Site in Black River map in Michigan, USA. Deliver those wooden planks and the bridge will be built.

Go to the Farm and start the contest. Contests usually marked with a clock icon. Pick up two packs of consumables and deliver them to the drilling site.

You can do this even if the Fleetstar truck has stock tires that are highway tires. There are no big obstacles on the road, there are a few hills, but the truck will be able to go up on any hill in this task. There is even a fuel station in the middle of the way.

Please note that without all terrain or off-road tires, the Fleetstar will struggle in mood. So, after I deliver the cargo, I recover the truck to the garage. There is a flat road from the garage to the farm.

Make sure you do not go too fast; as you can see, I tipped over the truck a couple of times.

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I have tried to do this contest with a pickup truck but with no success. The pickup truck with its flatbed trailer will be stuck in the mud. Of course, a modified pickup truck would do better, but if you do not have money or are at a low level you are stuck with stock tires and a couple of trucks.

At night, the driving is a bit different. I do not know how to explain this, but the trucks feel more sluggish. You also have limited visibility. The best lights that I found so far are on TUZ 420 Tatarin JBE.

By winning this contest you also get promoted which means you get to a higher level and more trucks will be available to buy. Some trucks also are free, but you need to find them. I will make a video about where to find the Tayga 6436 truck.

I managed to damage this truck today so many times. I think it handles differently from Tayga. The Tayga truck has all-wheel drive and is more responsive to the steering wheel compared to Fleetstar.

I now mostly drive TUZ 420 Tatarin JBE and Tayga 6436.

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