Raspberry Pi 2 3 4 Tall Case DIY With A Fan, VESA Mount For Monitor. STL Files For 3D Printing Included

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A long, long time ago I found a Raspberry Pi Case with a mount for VESA 100 mm and 75 mm. It was on Thingiverse and the designer was 0110-M-P. Though, I could be wrong about the designer as there were a few designs of this case that looked similar.

Here is the modification of that original design.

Bill Of Materials

You will need:

  • Four M2.5X6 screws for the Raspberry Pi PCB.
  • Four M3X25 screws for the case.
  • You also may need two taps one 2.5mm and the other 3 mm to make threads for those screws mentioned above (this is optional).
  • RPi fan; the fan usually has its own screws that will fit perfectly.
  • PLA 1.75mm filament preferably.
  • A 3D printer.
  • Four M4X10 VESA mount screws.

Depending on your printer, filament and other factors the printed bottom may be just the right size and the screws will fit perfectly. Sometimes this is not the case and you will need to make threads with taps or use small drills to make the holes bigger.

For the RPi PCB screws the drill would be 2 mm and for the case screws the drill would be 2.5 mm.

STL Files For Download

You would ask why there is a wide opening on the side. Well, there is no other way to make it fit RPi 3 and RPi 4. I was thinking to make RPi Zero also fit in the case but abandoned that idea as its complicated. I have an open case design for RPi that the RPi Zero may fit.

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