How to Replace Wireless Card in the Dell Inspiron Laptop

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A wireless card replacement on a modern laptop is a very easy task to do. Only a few operations are needed such as unscrewing a few screws and removing a few cables.

As usual for most laptop repairs, a Philips screw driver will be needed. There are 8 screws that must be unscrewed in order to remove the plastic cover from underneath the laptop. The number of the screw and shape of the plastic cover will vary from model to model, but the procedure is essentially the same.

The above photo shows the wireless card. It includes two, and sometimes three antenna cables attached to it. The first thing we must do is remove those cables. The safest way to remove the antenna cables is to use tweezers and pull it holding onto a plug. But, the way I personally do it is safe because no cable becomes damaged when removing it this way.

It might not be too important to plug them in the same place as in the earlier test we did by swapping them, and it really made no difference to the wireless channel quality, or the difference was so small that it was unnoticeable.

Now, it is time for us to remove the second cable and unscrew the screw that is located there.

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It is important to remember that not every wireless card will work in every Dell laptop. Some wireless cards will work, but others will not. Make sure to get a card that is the same brand that was originally in the laptop. For example, the above photo is of a wireless card that has a Broadcom chip. So, I would make sure to find another wireless card with a Broadcom chip in order to replace it successfully. An Intel card has been known to work on Dell laptop models.


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