Making Computer Repair Tool Kit

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Most of the computer repair jobs will be part or module replacement. For example tools needed to replace CPU, RAM, PSU, Hard Drive, and motherboard. For all tasks mentioned above Philips and flat screwdrivers are enough to have. If you planning to replace capacitors on desktop motherboards and DC Jacks on laptops then you need a soldering iron.

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Basic multimeter also needed if you will do any soldering work to separate and recognize wires, voltages, measure power adaptor voltage and probably measure voltages on the motherboard if confident enough.

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So vast majority of work required a tool set that is similar to electricians tool kit. The more advanced computer technicians probably would choose soldering iron and a multimeter and probably an oscilloscope.

Nothing would be complete without software tools. In my collection of tools is Hiren’s Boot CD for data transfer.

Actually we using most of the time SATA interface to transfer files just for the speed. Also all the operating system installation DVDs. To use it with laptops and desktops that come with operating systems from customers is too risky because of virus infections. Also we use USB sticks but just for new installations on desktops and laptops. In my USB stick I always have DRPSU, Driver Easy installation file, Open office setup file, Avast setup file and also Avira setup file.

The kit would be not complete without hardware parts. All sorts of RAM, a few SATA and ATA laptop and desktop hard drives, universal power adaptor and power supply.
When dealing with soldering is good to have a buck of heat shrink tubes, electric isolation and variety and thickness of wires. A few DC Jacks, thermal glue gun and thermal glue sticks mini, a box of screws and nuts.

If you decided to go into repair business seriously then good van would be necessary to carry for example spare screens, soldering equipment and other equipment to do the jobs in field. Usually you can buy separately screw driver kit. Cheap ones also will do the job. Do not recommend to buy a cheap soldering kit as it most likely not work correctly mean the temperature or quality of tip. What at the end would happen that it would be thrown to the bin. Though cheap multimeters also can do a good job.

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