What’s the difference between Windows, Mac and Linux computers?

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If you want to purchase a computer, you can choose between 3 major operating system. You have Windows, which is installed on most computers, various Linux distros as well as Mac OS. But the reality is that it can be very hard for you to figure out which is the right platform for you. With that in mind, here you have a quick list to help you identify the right option that suits your needs.

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If you want to use Windows, you will notice that this is by far the easiest one to use from the entire list. The reason is simple; it was created with accessibility in mind. Not only that, but it even has a plethora of accessibility options that you can use if you need to.
Installing and uninstalling programs is very easy, in fact, you don’t need any programming experience to install any of your programs. That on its own is very good since everyone has complete control over it and the results can be quite distinct in the end.
Windows has been the most popular operating system since its inception, and it continues to have an astonishing popularity even today. That on its own shows how reliable it can be. Plus, most types of software and games available on the market is created solely for Windows, although more and more multiplatform solutions are becoming relevant as well.

Most business applications are Windows-based, especially when it comes to accounting software, business management software and so on. It’s also a great platform for designer, with multiple solutions being available specifically for them.
Also, since most of the latest Windows versions are using the same Kernel, you can easily run just about any software on any of them without description. The reason is simple; most programmers tend to adapt their software to run on as many Windows versions as possible.
That doesn’t mean this is a perfect platform. It does have some caveats, one of them being the fact that you do have multiple versions of the platform and not all of them receive the same amount of support. You can end up with an older version that’s not supported, so in many ways they are forcing you to upgrade, which is quite problematic for a lot of people.

And then there’s the security problem. Since most people own a Windows-based PC, those are the primary targets for hackers. A lot of viruses can infect a Windows computer, which is understandable considering that this is the most popular platform.


Linux’s main strength comes from the lack of any major viruses. This is the most secure platform you can use. It also has some very advanced networking capabilities. In fact, this is the reason why many internet hosting services use it as their server OS. However, you do need to have some programming skills to install new programs, and that can be a bit problematic for some people. Yet all Linux versions are free, so you can easily download whatever you need and then customize it to suit your needs.

You need to keep in mind that the same version of a particular software won’t run on the older Linux versions. There are Linux versions which may end up slowing down your computer, so you should consider that before installing this OS. Plus, there are different Linux distribution, and these are created by various persons and companies. There’s a lack of support for them most of the time, due to the free nature of this operating system.

Mac OS

Mac OS is the proprietary operating system created by Apple. It can be installed only on Apple computers (exception is so called hackintosh computers). It’s also known to be one of the best platforms for filmmakers and graphic designers, due to the stability of the platform and the way the operating system knows how to handle and use all of its resources. Since it’s installed on a smaller amount of devices created solely by Apple, it’s a lot easier for the company to create a fully optimized operating system that you can rely upon.

There are no major viruses on this platform, which is understandable considering that it’s based on Unix and Linux. However, you do need to note that there are some difficulties when it comes to running the same applications on different Mac OS versions. The reason is easy to understand; Apple comes with a new version of their OS once a year or two, so your old Mac will find it hard to run the latest stuff most of the time.
All of these operating systems have their own ups and downs, but it’s safe to say that they are very good at offering an interface between the computer and user. In the end, it’s up to you to find the right option that suits your needs. Results can be quite impressive if you choose this adequately, so try to keep these pros and cons in mind when choosing your next OS.

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